Atomic Tanlines heave a raging punk experience

The mosh pit gets churning for Atomic Tanlines at 35 Denton on Thursday, March 7.

The Atomic Tanlines riled up the 35 Denton patrons at Rubber Gloves last night with a loud bang, with lead singer Ally Lowe making high shrieks on a saxophone and wailing into the microphone. Opening with a brief 30-second intro, this five-person Denton band had the crowd feeding off its atomic sound and pulsing energy behind its notes — starting off an experience of the night, moshers included.

Masked in black lipstick going back onto her cheeks and some heavy mascara, Lowe was the attraction and force, inspiring the crowd to respond with hellish sounds and rivaling instrumentation.

“There is definitely a force that I feel passes through me when ever I’m about to play and when I’m writing,” Lowe said after the set. “It envelops me.”

Completely off the wall with its gritting punk, with influences of jazz and other eclectic tastes, The Atomic Tanlines filled Rubber Gloves by the end of the set — starting the first line out the door there for 35 Denton.

Midway through the set, Lowe began throwing handfuls of peppermints into the crowd. 

Raising a painting of Jesus from her bag on stage, Lowe captured an experience of worship for a second, jumping into the crowd moments later joining in the flurry of rocking commotion and driving beats. It’s all about the experience, Lowe said; and that’s why she decides to get down into the excitement rather than stay on stage the whole night.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be who you want to be,” Lowe gasped to the audience before the band’s last song of the night. At the end of the Atomic Tanlines set, its high-energy ruckus and popping, jolting punk left remnants of tattered and crunched peppermints left on the floor. The crowd was exhausted, flocking to the bar for refills of their choice of drink.  

Lowe said the band is going to record soon, hopefully in late March.

“We have lots of stuff planned,” she said, adding that the band would like to tour soon. “We just want to keep the party going,” she said as crowd members approached her afterwards to commend The Atomic Tanlines on a baddass set.

For further information about the band and upcoming performances please see its Facebook at

-Aaron Claycomb



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