The Top 5 Denton acts you gotta see at 35 Denton: The Atomic Tanlines

The Atomic Tanlines let us grab a shot of the band after a rehearsal.

The Atomic Tanlines let us grab a shot of the band after a rehearsal. Photo by David Minton.


Hello, Kitty. Welcome to your nightmare.

The Atomic Tanlines borrowed the punk rock platform and draped a tatty rainbow flag over the whole mess.

And you know what? It sounds damn good.

Led by an unapologetic, bratty front woman who goes by Ally Play-Nice, the Tanlines dive into their songs, teeth bared and fists balled. Their tunes are gleefully violent, and true to the fast-burnout pace that is trademark punk. (The track “F—K MY REPRODUCTIVE DUTY” punches in and out in 36 seconds.) Even tracks like “Comatose,” with its tuneful chorus, hand claps and mosh-y call and response structure, slam to a sudden stop. The drumming is rabid, the guitars fuzzy and a touch messy, the bass is blissed out. It’s Ally who fleshes out the music, though, wailing, growling and belting her way through the songs like a creature possessed. She plays around with sexy little chirps and full on battle cries. No one can say Ally hasn’t committed to the hailstorm ethos of punk rock. She’s pledged herself to the show, tits to toes.

The group bills itself as a queer punk outfit, proudly proclaiming the fuzzy lines around the sexual orientation of its membership. Denton is known as a town where punk acts come a dime a dozen. But Atomic Tanlines is worth more, if no other reason than the band buys into its mission – to snarl, rave and snap hard at the Hand of the Establishment that means to brick people into the same-old, same-old.

The musicians seem a little indignant, but offer no apologies. That’s the way you do punk, especially if it’s politically charged to shock the milquetoast crowd who like their skirmishes on screen, where no blood, sweat or tears can get on their nice clothes. Oh, and Little Miss Play-Nice brought us into the loop: The Tanlines are recording its second demo later this month.

Goes good with: Third wave moral outrage at politicians who gamble with women’s autonomy and the human rights of queer folk to win votes. When: 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7 Where: Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, 411 E. Sycamore St. Wristbands: $52.23 today.


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