Antwon rips party beats, dance-a-thon at Hailey’s

Antwon leads the party at Hailey's on Friday night at 35 Denton. Photo by Aaron Claycomb.

Antwon leads the party at Hailey’s on Friday night at 35 Denton. Photo by Aaron Claycomb.

The party didn’t stop at Hailey’s last night, that’s for sure. San Jose, Calif. bred Antwon hit the beats, raising the roof with toasts and callouts to crowd members during his set. “Go Derick, go Derick!” Antwon shouted as the whole venue kept going and Derick got down and danced for the crowd.

Backed by his long time friend DJ Sex Play, Antwon spun his crafty lyrics and rhymes about death and women and food.

“Man we have been having fun since we got off the plane” Antwon said, as DJ Sex Play hit the beat to the next song. There is no doubt Antwon and others brought it to this year’s 35 Denton — making one packed stage of crowded dancers and 35 Denton partygoers.

“Yo, anyone come up and dance on stage tonight! Come up, come up,” Antwon called out to the crowd.

A rush to the stage ensued. Everyone joined in dance across the whole venue. It was packed and even Antwon started working up a sweat. The venue was bouncing with beats from corner to corner and it was all party, dance and glasses raised to the ceiling.

This party was filled with high energy transmitted across the crowd from Antwon, generated from his raw energy and passion behind the microphone, Antwon inspired a night of fun with his beats.

The crowd gathered around this new age rap artist forming a large pit circle, covering the stage, making Antwon its center. His first time in Texas, he brought his own mix of rap and hip-hop, and also the loudest, badass, hip-hop dance party of 35 Denton Friday night.

Want more Antwon? Go here:

– Aaron Claycomb


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