Ghost Wave gives J&Js sonic soaking

What is it about the New Zealand quartet Ghost Wave?

Is it the garage-rock chords? The British-invasion style harmonies? The retro way the guitars fuzz out?

The accents?

Everything. It’s all of the above. Individually, none of the players have a virtuoso’s touch. The music itself is even a little derivative. We heard some of this stuff back when U2 was in it’s Joshua Tree days, and when The Church was making those pretty melodies that smacked of craving. Let’s be honest: We heard this back in the ’80s.

But there’s something else at play here. Four guys who probably clash a little, but trust each other to invent something light enough to like? Four men who know when to leave a melody alone and rock steady? Yes. And that sweet bass thump you feel in the pelvis, well, that doesn’t hurt either.

If this is the rock coming from New Zealand, we’ll take more, please.




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