Savage and the Big Beat saw you shakin’ that thing

Denton-locals Savage and the Big Beat closed down last night’s performances at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern, ending the set with three final last songs, after the audience
and band joined together to keep the party beat going.

“One more time for America!” band member Kyle Irion yelled into the microphone as the late-night 35 Denton partygoers remained, flocking to the front of the
stage in a pact, dancing and singing along. The crowd responded chanting “USA.”

A three-person act, Savage and the Big Beat consists of band members Max Brown (vocals and piano), Ryan Cortez (drums) and Irion (guitar). A concoction of pop
and dance with some nice indie vibes it had the crowd dancing along, atop golden stars spread on the floor in front of the stage.

Performing songs from its latest EP Love and Hunting, this trio is driven by Brown, who plays piano.  This EP “…is about love, especially love worth fighting for.
It’s about the self-sacrifice that love often requires. It’s also about bows and arrows,” according to its Bandcamp page, providing a high-strung dramatic interpretation of love and
self-sacrifice with dance and pop.

“Now go to bed, you have to get up in the morning,” Irion said at the end of the performance on stage, but still the band proceeded to play one last time for 35 Denton.
The band posted on its Facebook Friday morning, “Thanks to everyone who braved the late hour and came out to see us last night! So many asses were shaken.
Shaken right off. Sweetwater won’t host bands again because of all the asses they had to pick up off the floor last night.”

Find Savage and the Big Beat and its latest EP at Bandcamp at

– Aaron Claycomb


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