The Cannabinoids and Sarah Jaffe beat back the rain

Sarah Jaffe performs with The Cannabinoids at The Hive during 35 Denton, Saturday, March 9, 2013, in Denton, TX. David Minton/DRC

Sarah Jaffe performs with The Cannabinoids at The Hive during 35 Denton, Saturday, March 9. Photo by David Minton

It was a hot wet mess and The Cannabinoids — featuring onetime Denton singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe — offered refuge with The  Hive’s tin roof for the rained on patrons of 35 Denton — dishing out mixes and beats that reenergized the drenched partygoers.

Hailing from big D, the Cannabinoids teamed up with Jaffe to create a remix off of her second album The Body Wins of “Glorified High.” Originally scheduled to perform on the main stage at 6 p.m., 35 Denton tweeted and updated its Facebook status to announce the show was moving to The Hive because of bad weather. After finally opening the Hive’s doors, the line that stretched to Hoochie’s Oyster House filed in and the group started its performance later than scheduled. Outside, fest patrons shuffled along in the slow-moving line  as the skies opened, soaking the unlucky hundreds still outside.

“Cheers” Jaffe announced, toasting the cheering crowd midway in the set. The audience toasted right back at Jaffe. Then the whole venue suddenly came to life as the group began its remix of Jaffe’s “Glorified High” from her latest critical success, The Body Wins. The stage went dark, and then green and white lights suddenly enveloped the moment, as the music pulsated through the venue. Smells of marijuana started to drift above the crowd. Working in collaboration, The Cannabinoids and Sarah Jaffe countered last
night’s stormy weather trying to keep both the audience and music going – making clear that rain was not going to end the set or 35 Denton party. Although up against noisy rain on the Hive roof,  the group performed well, dropping beats that clearly reinvigorated these hot, wet audience members.

The show did expose the Hive’s acoustical shortcomings. Filling the 12,000-square-foot warehouse to the back of the room, the exterior shook from the loud speakers. A.Dd+ gave a surprise appearance on stage for a brief minute stunning the

“Show some love to Sarah Jaffe!” echoed from the stage toward the end of the Cannabinoid’s set, after Jaffe and A.Dd+ finished up. The Cannabinoids gave off shout outs to Jaffe, Killer Mike, 35 Denton and other acts performing.

Wanna know more about the Cannabinoids? Go here. For more about Jaffe, go here.

–  Aaron Claycomb


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