Denton’s own Sarah Jaffe earns her own trip to the box office

Sarah Jaffe credited her mother for urging the onetime Dentoj artist to add a little song called "Clementine" on her debut album, 'Suburban Nature.' Jaffe will perform at Spune's Untapped Fest and provided music for Disney/Pixar's 'The Blue Umbrella.'

Sarah Jaffe credited her mother for urging the onetime Dentoj artist to add a little song called “Clementine” on her debut album, ‘Suburban Nature.’ Jaffe will perform at Spune’s Untapped Fest and provided music for Disney/Pixar’s ‘The Blue Umbrella.’ Photo by Aaron Claycomb.

Editor’s note: LitlledTX contributor Aaron Claycomb started this piece on March 23, when Sarah Jaffe came back to her old stomping grounds for a show. Claycomb caught up with Jaffe later to get the latest on the artist’s career. 

Mom was there. It was packed from the bar to the door as a line began to form out on the sidewalk. Patrons and music-goers were drinking to forget and get into the mood, as Denton singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe took the stage with her band at Dan’s Silverleaf.

Jaffe recalled that her mother said she had better put this song on an album, right before the tune began resonating through the venue — years back, before the Denton artist would take flight and become one of Denton’s own stars (and before she left little D for Dallas).

As she gestured to audience members to join in, they began singing “Clementine,” from her debut album, 2010’s Suburban Nature. It was a spectacle of audience members belting and harmonizing with Jaffe’s spiritual procession of vocals.

If you’re a fan of the Fox drama series “The Following” then perhaps you already know this too, but for those of you that aren’t cult followers to the show, Jaffe’s song “hooray for love” was featured on the prime time television on Monday night.

Have no fear though, because you can get a second chance the hear Jaffe either on HuluPlus, if you have it, or at any one of her upcoming West Coast living room shows or Midwest-Northeast tour with Why? this summer.

“It hasn’t wrapped up yet,” she said, but right now the singer-songwriter has booked a total of seven living rooms.

“Driving along the Pacific west coast is a lot like driving through Texas. It’s long,” Jaffe said. She has never ventured to anything like this, but Jaffe said she is looking forward to playing and going to all these West Coast cities.

You can also follow Jaffe down Interstate 35W next week, to Fort Worth’s Untapped Music Festival if you by chance missed her TV soundtrack spot.

Among other great things for this Denton artist, Jaffe will also be featured this summer in a Disney-Pixar short film The Blue Umbrella.

“I got to record with one of my heroes, John Bryant Brion in LA. All thanks to Sasha,” who is the creator of the film, and who attended one of Jaffe’s shows in San Francisco four years ago. Jaffe sang backup vocals for the film while it was in post-production. “It’s been a really amazing experience.”

Get your fix of Jaffe & shop  her upcoming performances:

– Aaron Claycomb


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