West coast by North Texas: Qm connects with Denton in Rec League

San Francisco emcee Qm, a frequent contributor to Denton’s underground hip-hop scene (by way of Rec League, a mash-up of Cali and Denton rappers) just dropped a video (NSFW) for the track “Juice” with his comrade Maclane. Nothing fussy or deep, just your average San Francisco street party. Qm doesn’t confine his partying to the West Coast. In fact, he tipped back a few in Denton in March. The artist answered some questions about his Denton connections, but didn’t get too serious.


Qm drops "juice," a party track from 'Take Me to Your Liter."

Qm drops “juice” with rapper Maclane. “Juice” is a party track from the EP  ‘Take Me to Your Liter.”

littledTX.com: How do you know Denton artist Pudge Brewer and the local Fab Deuce hip-hop crew?

Qm: Me, Pudge and Fab Deuce met in Venice beach in 1992. He was an established basketball player in the area and I was looking to hustle some new courts. I was dating Rosie Perez at the time and life was good…actually that’s the beginning of White Men Can’t Jump. Fab Deuce is actually my cousin.

Can you tell me how Rec League came together, and who all is part of Rec League now?

Rec League was formed together on MTVs reality show Making The Band. Diddy saw our talent early on. There’s prolly 50 members of Rec League.

You live way out in San Francisco, right?

Yeah, been living in San Francisco for 5 years now, but I’ve lived in Northern California my whole life.

Given that there’s some serious flyover mileage between you and Denton Rec Leaguers, why bother working together – what makes the creative relationship worth the travel time & effort when RL decides to travel & gig?

It’s worth it because we always have a kick ass time in Denton. We gets lurked.

Is “Juice” a new single or is it from an album, EP, mixtape or what?

“Juice” is off the Take Me To Your Liter EP I did with Maclane. Grab it for free qmmusic.bandcamp.com or tweet me @qmrecleague and I’ll send it to you. Aren’t I a swell guy?

What are you working on right now?

Right now, we are finishing up the remix album for Take Me To Your Liter. It’s got production by Grip Grand (Rec League), Llyght Stevens (Sacramento), TLit (Denton) and Maclane (Rec League). Proe (Rec League) and Llyght Stevens also have guest verses on the remix album. I’m also working on a new solo project for later this year. Email qm@routinefly.Com for features and booking.

What distinguishes San Francisco underground hip-hop and Denton underground hip-hop?

The Bay Area and Texas have always been down to do music independently, so it’s only natural that we work together to forward our careers. Also, Both San Francisco and Denton like to drink enough booze to kill a small village…so we got that going for us.

Are you a DJ as well as an MC? What crews are you working with these days?

I do not DJ. I’m working with Fab Deuce, Gurp City, and of course Rec League. Stop by qmmusic.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/QM, facebook.com/recleague, routinefly.com, or YouTube QM Rec League for my videos. shouts to LittleDTX for the interview and remember to “Rec Your Life.”

You heard it here, kids. Rec your life, and maybe appoint a designated driver?

– Lucinda Breeding.


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